I like outside, but it’s safer inside

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I like outside, but it's safer inside

Every once in a while, Sofia takes me outside in my pet stroller, what I like to call my human-powered chariot, and while I really enjoy getting out to sniff whatever drifts by on the air currents, it’s kind of scary outside. There are dogs, usually off their leash, that seem like they want to chase me. How rude! It’s not like I’d chase them, so why do they want to chase me? They are not well behaved like us cats. Okay, fine, I’m only well behaved when I want food, but still, I’m a feline and we’re not expected to be lap dogs. Pun intended!


Take me outside!

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Me snuggling under my blankies

I’m a little upset right now. Sofia (her whole name is Sofia Diana Gabel) hasn’t taken me outside in a long time. She bought me, and Hermes, a really comfy pet stroller because we love to go out and meet people, but it’s just sitting in the trunk of her car! What good is that? I think it’s because she’s always typing on her laptop. I’ve tried everything to get her attention, from jumping onto her shoulder and purring in her ear to prancing across the keyboard. Oh, sure, she notices me all right, but all I get is a ‘Monty, not now!’ from her. And just now, she mumbled that I look dirty and need a bath. Sphynxes, if you don’t know, have to be bathed every week or so because without fur, the oils on our skin collect dirt. Hey, that’s not my fault, she should keep a cleaner house!