Good morning, world.

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Good morning, world.

You know, I would really like to sleep in for a while in the morning, but Sofia, Ms. I-have-to-write-in-the-morning, always wakes up too early and that disturbs me. Oh, sure, I’m gracious and pretend it doesn’t bother me, but it does. So what do I do about it? I exercise my cat rights and walk across her keyboard, timing it perfectly so that she’s in the middle of typing a line of dialogue that she mumbles aloud is perfect. I consider it putting my personal mark on her story. She doesn’t feel the same way, but hey, maybe she’ll learn her lesson and sleep in a little longer tomorrow.


A Smart Car in the Family

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So Sofia went out and bought a tiny yellow car. A Smart Car she calls it. I saw it from the window. She’s very happy about it, and went on and on about how it has plenty of room inside for her to sit and write on her laptop. That’s nice, but why didn’t she tell me she couldn’t wait to take me for a ride? I like riding in the car. I meow, of course, but it’s only because I’m enjoying myself. Then I sit down and look out the window. Maybe if I meow and cry at the door, she’ll realize I want a ride. I can be annoying, when properly motivated.

I Made a Break for it, and Lost

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My mother gets to go out, but I don't

Well, what do you know. I actually got to go outside today. It was only for a few minutes, but it was nice. The reason I was only out for a short time was because Sofia didn’t notice I sneaked out around her as she went out back! Ha! Then, she said, “Monty! You’re not allowed outside without your harness and leash.” Well, excuse me, but I’m 2 years old now and quite capable of going where I please. At least I thought I was, but Sofia has a different opinion of that. So, there I was, back inside staring out the window while she let my cat mom, Sophie, outside! Ohhh, that’s really not fair. I think I’ll sleep on her laptop now so she can’t write. That’ll teach her a lesson.

Put down the phone!

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This is on my first birthday. See what I mean, I'm cute!

I’m annoyed. Sofia was chatting on the phone to one of her writer friends about this thing called ‘genre’ and how she likes to write in different genres. Well, I don’t know what I genre is and I don’t care to know, all I know is that she was talking too loud and laughing so much that it woke me up! I gave her a look, but she just made kissy sounds and said I was so cute. I am, but that wasn’t the look I was going for!

Now she’s sending query letters!


This is what Hermes and I do when Sofia is writing

Just when I thought I’d get a break and get some much deserved attention, Sofia is now querying agents for her newly revised historical romantic suspense. She’s been working non-stop on the revisions, which takes time away from me, so I was happy when she cried out that she was done. But, alas, it was not to be. Now she’s researching ‘agents’ and submitting these things called query letters. How unfair. I need attention, I need to be played with, and as much as I hate to admit it, I need a bath!

Take me outside!

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Me snuggling under my blankies

I’m a little upset right now. Sofia (her whole name is Sofia Diana Gabel) hasn’t taken me outside in a long time. She bought me, and Hermes, a really comfy pet stroller because we love to go out and meet people, but it’s just sitting in the trunk of her car! What good is that? I think it’s because she’s always typing on her laptop. I’ve tried everything to get her attention, from jumping onto her shoulder and purring in her ear to prancing across the keyboard. Oh, sure, she notices me all right, but all I get is a ‘Monty, not now!’ from her. And just now, she mumbled that I look dirty and need a bath. Sphynxes, if you don’t know, have to be bathed every week or so because without fur, the oils on our skin collect dirt. Hey, that’s not my fault, she should keep a cleaner house!