I like outside, but it’s safer inside

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I like outside, but it's safer inside

Every once in a while, Sofia takes me outside in my pet stroller, what I like to call my human-powered chariot, and while I really enjoy getting out to sniff whatever drifts by on the air currents, it’s kind of scary outside. There are dogs, usually off their leash, that seem like they want to chase me. How rude! It’s not like I’d chase them, so why do they want to chase me? They are not well behaved like us cats. Okay, fine, I’m only well behaved when I want food, but still, I’m a feline and we’re not expected to be lap dogs. Pun intended!


Weather’s cold and I’m taking the bed!

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Weather's cold and I'm taking the bed!

A storm is blowing through and it’s gone cold again. That means, no matter what anyone says, me and my brother are taking the bed. There might not be any room for Sofia, but so what? She’s busy writing and working on a book that’s getting published. Seriously, who cares? I can’t read. Go ahead and write, Sofia! The laptop might be yours, but the queen-sized bed is mine!

I am a cat…I get the bed!


I am a cat...I get the bed!

I love Sofia’s bed. It’s one of those memory foam things and is so comfy. The pillow isn’t bad either. Oh, sure, Sofia seems to think she should have the entire bed to sleep in, but I say no. NO! First of all, I’m a cat and we deserve only the best, as everyone already knows, and second, I have no hair and need a warm bed and comforter. Humans have clothes to keep them warm. Honestly, I think Sofia should sleep on the floor and let me have the whole bed for myself. She already complains that I take up half of the bed. Well, then if you’re not happy with the part of the bed I leave for you, sleep on the couch. Yawn…I’m sleepy, goodnight.

You bathe me and expect love?

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You bathe me and expect love?

Like all felines, I prefer to be clean. That said, as a Sphynx, I don’t have hair which ordinarily spreads the oils over my skin. So, what I’m getting at is that the oils on my skin attract dirt and grime. I get dirty, plain and simple. But, while I have been given regular baths since I was born, that doesn’t mean I like them. I’m a cat. We don’t do water. After I get my bath, I feel nice and clean, but I am NOT about to be all lovey over the ordeal. See that photo? That’s me giving Sofia my best ‘I will love you when I’m good and ready because you stuck me in a tub of water and degreased me with a special shampoo’ look. Okay, sure, it’s really great to be sparkly clean and sweet smelling, but I can’t let her know that. What sort of cat would I be if Sofia actually thought I was thankful? Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Sphynx cats are the best!

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For those of you who don’t know what a Sphynx is, you simply must get informed. We are the best cats in the world. Yes, I know all breeds claim this illustrious title, but they’re wrong. Sphynx are best. We don’t have fur so you won’t have hairballs on your carpet and you won’t have cat fur in your food. We snuggle and play and love you to hold us. What’s better than that? That’s right, nothing. Come back often and you’ll learn how amazing we Sphynx truly are. And you’ll learn how I annoy my human companion, especially when she’s writing. She’s an author, so I really enjoy strolling across her keyboard!

This is me when I was a baby. Cute, eh?