Warm laundry is what I live for!

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Warm laundry is what I live for!

Laundry day is a favorite time for me, and my brother and mom, because Sofia is kind enough to place the warm laundry straight from the dryer onto the floor so we can snuggle up and burrow into those heated clothes. I guess I’ll keep Sofia around for a while. Unless she stops giving us those warm clothes, then it’s bye-bye! Watch your back, Sofia, and keep that toasty laundry within reach. For a writer, she’s okay.


It’s our birthday today!

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It's our birthday today!

Well, finally, Sofia recognized our greatness by giving us a birthday part with Fancy Feast. We never get soft food, only Iams kibble, which she insists is best for us. But, I really like the soft, meaty canned stuff. So this is a very special birthday celebration and I shouldn’t say anything snide or mean about Sofia since she treat us very well. We deserved it, of course.

My treat!

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My treat!

Oh, yes! This morning Sofia gave me a treat of my favorite, almond milk. This is why I keep her around. She occasionally gives me a little yogurt, but usually I just stick my whole face into her cup of yogurt and take what I want. For some reason, she doesn’t like that and then puts a dollop into a dish for me. So, this tactic works just fine! I win!

I like outside, but it’s safer inside

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I like outside, but it's safer inside

Every once in a while, Sofia takes me outside in my pet stroller, what I like to call my human-powered chariot, and while I really enjoy getting out to sniff whatever drifts by on the air currents, it’s kind of scary outside. There are dogs, usually off their leash, that seem like they want to chase me. How rude! It’s not like I’d chase them, so why do they want to chase me? They are not well behaved like us cats. Okay, fine, I’m only well behaved when I want food, but still, I’m a feline and we’re not expected to be lap dogs. Pun intended!

I just want to be loved!

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I just want to be loved!

This photo is perfect in that is shows how my cat-mom, Sophie, hates me. You know, I’m one of the best Sphynx around, yet she gives me that look, you can see it, the cold, calculating look that tells me she’ll be waiting to jump me as soon as she can. I’m a lot bigger than her, but come on, she’s my mom, I can’t fight her. I love her and just want to be loved! Oh, well, thank goodness I have my human-mom, Sofia! Maybe I shouldn’t complain when Sofia writes all the time, at least she loves me!

It’s Easter, but where is our Easter basket?

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It's Easter, but where is our Easter basket?

Okay, so it’s Easter and neither Hermes nor I got any Easter baskets filled with treats. Hermes was upset, he’s about 4 hours younger than me, so that makes him my little brother. This photo is me giving him a little brotherly love. Sofia, she’s oblivious and sitting, again, at her computer sending out more queries and doing what she calls ‘marketing’ for her new book. A romance of all things. Please. She needs to write a book about how she abuses us by forgetting to give us a blasted Easter basket!

Well, what do you know, it’s finally spring!

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Well, what do you know, it's finally spring!

You know, winter is probably my least favorite season because it’s cold. Sphynx and cold don’t go together. Not at all. I like warm. So, finally, the weather is warming up a little. The sun is out and I don’t need quite as many blankies. Of course, I’ll still make a point of walking across Sofia’s keyboard while she’s writing and sit on her shoulder so she can’t reach the keys. I do it because I can.

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