Couple of goodlooking Sphynx!

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Couple of goodlooking Sphynx!

Yep, that’s me and Hermes wearing our latest shirts. I think we look pretty dang cool. At first when Sofia would try to dress us, we put on a show, as cats should, like she was killing us, but now we just sit there and let her put our clothes on. There’s really no point in struggling anymore because we like the clothes she buys. What I don’t like is when someone in the house thinks it’s funny to put me in a dress! Yes, they have dresses for my cat-mom and get great delight in putting me in one every now and then. I’ll post a pic later so you can witness the humiliation for yourself. It truly is awful. The memory haunts me to this day.


I am a cat…I get the bed!


I am a cat...I get the bed!

I love Sofia’s bed. It’s one of those memory foam things and is so comfy. The pillow isn’t bad either. Oh, sure, Sofia seems to think she should have the entire bed to sleep in, but I say no. NO! First of all, I’m a cat and we deserve only the best, as everyone already knows, and second, I have no hair and need a warm bed and comforter. Humans have clothes to keep them warm. Honestly, I think Sofia should sleep on the floor and let me have the whole bed for myself. She already complains that I take up half of the bed. Well, then if you’re not happy with the part of the bed I leave for you, sleep on the couch. Yawn…I’m sleepy, goodnight.

Cats and warm laundry

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Cats and warm laundry

Here’s my brother, Hermes, enjoying the warm laundry. I didn’t need the laundry because I settled onto Sofia’s shoulder as she was writing…I mean, trying to write. It’s fun and fulfilling to steal her attention when I can. When I want love, I want love. It doesn’t matter if she’s writing or not. I’m actually doing her a favor because we Sphynx have slightly higher body temperatures than normal cats, so when you look at it, I’m keeping her warm. Like a nice, soft velvety scarf. You’re welcome, Sofia.

Unflattering photo!

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Unflattering photo!

I think I’m a pretty darn good-looking Sphynx and take pride in my looks, but for the love of everything holy and unholy, why does Sofia insist on taking photos that are unflattering? Would she like it if I snapped a pic of her when she got up in the morning? No, she’d scream and probably hide under the covers. I think my point is made. I should have the option of allowing or disallowing a photo to be taken, shouldn’t I? Now I just feel fat. This may cause me to stress-eat. Where’s the food?