I'll take what I want when I want!

This is me doing what I do best; doing whatever the hell I want. Sure it annoys Sofia when I lick her can of Diet Coke, but hey, I like the cold water that condenses on it. She seems to think that having three bowls of water laid out all over the house should be enough, but it isn’t. Those bowls have stagnant and lukewarm water. She claims to change the water at least once a day, but I don’t believe her. So, I take the opportunity to lick her soda cans and glasses of juice whenever I can. The water somehow tastes better. What’s she going to do? Stop drinking her precious Diet Coke? Not likely. She downs that stuff several times a day. I swear to you now, I will continue to lick the can until she gives it up! (she never will, so I’ll have my cold condensated water forever!)