You bathe me and expect love?

Like all felines, I prefer to be clean. That said, as a Sphynx, I don’t have hair which ordinarily spreads the oils over my skin. So, what I’m getting at is that the oils on my skin attract dirt and grime. I get dirty, plain and simple. But, while I have been given regular baths since I was born, that doesn’t mean I like them. I’m a cat. We don’t do water. After I get my bath, I feel nice and clean, but I am NOT about to be all lovey over the ordeal. See that photo? That’s me giving Sofia my best ‘I will love you when I’m good and ready because you stuck me in a tub of water and degreased me with a special shampoo’ look. Okay, sure, it’s really great to be sparkly clean and sweet smelling, but I can’t let her know that. What sort of cat would I be if Sofia actually thought I was thankful? Yeah, that’s not going to happen.