I love Grumpy Cat!

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Monty looking upUs cats support one another since one day we will take over the world and will need all the help we can get, so when I saw a photo of a sweet little cat nicknamed Grumpy Cat on my writer-slave Sofia’s computer, I fell in love. Who couldn’t love a cat who tells the human world to take a hike? Sofia got up to go somewhere and left her computer, so I got the website that tells all about Grumpy Cat. I’m in love. (http://www.grumpycats.com/)


Finally, it’s warming up!

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Finally, it's warming up!

It’s been a very cold winter and my mom, me and my brother are forced to sit in front of these space heaters for warmth. Oh, sure, Sofia the writer of the family, provides us with blankets and a heated cat bed-but seriously, we deserve it, it’s not like she should be put up for a humanitarian award just because she’s doing what any human should do-we still need the heaters. It’s sunny and warm today, so the heaters are off and I’m basking in the sun. I still enjoy climbing all over Sofia, just to remind her that I’m still in charge.

Drinking from the sink

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Drinking from the sink

I don’t see what the big deal is. My brother and I prefer drinking fresh water from the sink. I showed him how to do it and I’m quite proud of that fact. Sofia, however, thinks it’s ‘annoying’ and ‘funny’ when we push her out of the way so we can get there. But, come on, we’re cats. Cats, as every human should know, get preferential treatment above all other beings on the planet. Maybe the universe…jury’s still out on that. So, I will continue to demand fresh tap water whenever I please. Learn to live with it, humans!