A Smart Car in the Family

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So Sofia went out and bought a tiny yellow car. A Smart Car she calls it. I saw it from the window. She’s very happy about it, and went on and on about how it has plenty of room inside for her to sit and write on her laptop. That’s nice, but why didn’t she tell me she couldn’t wait to take me for a ride? I like riding in the car. I meow, of course, but it’s only because I’m enjoying myself. Then I sit down and look out the window. Maybe if I meow and cry at the door, she’ll realize I want a ride. I can be annoying, when properly motivated.


She’s not done with the queries!

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When Sofia said she was finished with querying her romance novel, I thought she meant forever. Nope. She apparently meant for the week. She’s back at it again. Would somebody just take her as a client so don’t have to listen to her continuously saying how great such-and-such an agent would be? Honestly, I’m a little sick of it all. If I had thumbs, I’d write my own novel about how a crazy writer lady tortured her Sphnxi by ignoring them. Hey, we need attention at least 100 times a day. Is that too much to ask?

Sphynx on Display, Absurd!

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Glad this wasn't me!
This reminds me of a scene from The Lion King

Okay, so you all know how cute I am by now, right? Of course. But did you know that my brother, Hermes, is apparently the ‘favorite’ among Sofia’s daughters? They cuddle him and baby him. Not that I really blame them, because he’s small and has adorable spots on him, but come on, he’s not me. I found this photo of poor Hermes on display. He doesn’t seem to care that he’s lifted into the air. Probably because Sphynx are so sweet and friendly. We never hurt anyone, even when we’re held up in the air like this. Sofia snuggles both of us, and my cat mom of course, and rarely thrusts us up toward the sky. I guess I should appreciate her more, eh? Oh, and she just announced to me that one of her books is on a bestseller list at something called Untreed Reads. I don’t know what that is, and don’t really care, but she was smiling like it mattered. Writers. Weird creatures. Here’s a link I found, if you want to check it out and see why she seems so happy.

I Made a Break for it, and Lost

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My mother gets to go out, but I don't

Well, what do you know. I actually got to go outside today. It was only for a few minutes, but it was nice. The reason I was only out for a short time was because Sofia didn’t notice I sneaked out around her as she went out back! Ha! Then, she said, “Monty! You’re not allowed outside without your harness and leash.” Well, excuse me, but I’m 2 years old now and quite capable of going where I please. At least I thought I was, but Sofia has a different opinion of that. So, there I was, back inside staring out the window while she let my cat mom, Sophie, outside! Ohhh, that’s really not fair. I think I’ll sleep on her laptop now so she can’t write. That’ll teach her a lesson.