Feed me!

Well, it’s Friday and Sofia has finished sending out queries for the week. This is a good thing, because now she’ll turn her attention to me. It’s hot here in southern California, so I hope she’ll take me out for a walk…I like going on a harness and leash or in my stroller. As a Sphynx, I love the warmth, even though she complains that it’s too hot. I also love my food. We Sphynx have a faster than normal metabolism, so I eat more than other cats…you know, those weird felines with fur. Sofia will sometimes tell me that I’m a pig because I eat so much. Excuse me, but I’m not a pig, I’m a Sphynx, and I eat a lot because I need to generate extra heat to keep my adorable body warm. You think she’d know that by now, wouldn’t you? I think I’ll go to the food bowl and meow until she gives me some food. That’ll teach her a lesson!